Four Big Ways Authors Can Use Facebook

Hi.  Grandma Mary here.  Thanks so much Carole, for having me back on your lovely blog.  I’ve been cooped up on my own site for too long!  I have had the pleasure of doing a post here recently about Four Big Ways Authors Can Use Twitter.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have a social media blog over at Grandma Mary Show and I try to spice up my social media tutorials a little and make learning fun.

So now what about Facebook?  How do you reach those half a billion people on Facebook and get them to read your book?  Here are four ways you can use Facebook to promote you as an author and your work.

1.  Create a Page for you as an author

You may be using your personal profile to connect with people in Facebook.  And that’s fine too.  But you will be limited to 5000 friends.  I like using the personal profile and Page in tandem.  Reach out and friend new people that might be good connections for you but also direct people to your Page so you are building that as you go.  That way when you get up to your friend limit, you will have your community on your Page also.  Also remember, your Page is indexed in Google and will help you increase your web presence.

2.  Create a Page for your Book

Make it easy for anyone to get to know your book more.  Keep your page active by posting short exerpts from the book, linking to reviews that might be out and trying to get your community involved by asking questions.  Make sure you add the Page address to your website and signature so people can find it and connect with your book.

3.  Join Groups

There are lots of groups on Facebook that are designed for book lovers, book clubs, and authors.  Some are more active than others. And just a word of warning, don’t go in there and be spammy and say “Hey everyone, read my book!”  No one likes that.  Just join, connect and add to the conversation.  Plus you may make some connections there.

The easiest way to find these groups is go to and click the Groups option on the left side to filter your searches to bring you only Groups results.  Then search on terms you are interested in.  You may also want to search through the Pages to see what’s out there too.  Spy on the competition!

4.  Create an Event for your Book launch

Even if you aren’t having an in-person event, you can create a “virtual” event to get the hype going on your book launch. Invite all your personal friends to attend your virtual book launch and celebrate.  When they RSVP to your book launch, they can invite their friends to help spread the word about your book.

That’s it!  Easy peasy!  This may seem overwhelming but you don’t have to do all four of these things at once.  Pick and choose how you want to spend your time because you also need to be writing, of course!  But Facebook is a very viral place to market your book and you want to spread the word.

5. Check out my new ebook: How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business

Editor’s note: Grandma Mary is apparently too shy to tell you this, but she just wrote two ebooks to help you extend your reach and grow your author platform:

How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business

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Go and check them out. I had the pleasure of reviewing them before they were published and Grandma Mary has done a really wonderful job in explaining just what you need to know to use these tools to sell more books. And yes, those are aff links.

How are you using Twitter to market your book? Grow your platform? Extend your Reach? Get yourself known?

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  1. Mike Korner says:

    Thanks Grandma. It’s always nice to learn from an expert!

  2. Thanks for having Grandma Mary as your guest author, Carole. She may be up in her years but she’s still got some spunk left in her! And she really knows how to teach people cool things about Facebook.

    Nice of you to get her away from her blog for a while – sounds like she’s been pretty cooped up. :)

    Now that I’m armed with all this awesome information, I need to get off my duff and create a Facebook page!


  3. Thanks, Grandma Mary! You’re a fount of information as always! I interview authors all the time who have no idea how to use Facebook or Twitter and they’re scared and don’t know where to start. You have given them a great foundation here, so now I can just send them to your wise words. You’re awesome!